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When he/she doesn’t want you.......anymore.

Hey Guys and Dolls today we’re speaking on rejection. Yeah, it’s not fun or sexy but it happens to Everyone! No matter who you are someone has rejected your love, sex, or attention you wanted to give.

This bullshit known as rejection is called “a hard-ass life lesson!

It’s something everyone needs to learn to deal with at some point in their life. Whether it is in our personal or professional life, rejection happens. How we handle rejection says a lot about us. If we just accept it and walk away in our personal life it at least gives the appearance of resilience and ability to take things in stride. The idea that we can handle the thought or idea of life without them is super easy the earlier the rejection happens. Honestly, your best option is do what you’d want the other person to do if the roles were reverse. Just chew on that thought for a minute. You'd want it to be easy and for the person to understand that you just aren't interested anymore. Things change and people grow apart; it's hard but it happens every day.

Dealing with rejection well, takes time. It’s a process! Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re doing it wrong. We are ALL different therefore we ALL get over/through our shit differently. What looks and feels unhealthy to one person may be spiritual for someone else. Some people cry and some people won’t cry to save their own life. Some people scream and shout and others suffer in silence. Do you boo boo; whatever it takes to come out stronger on the other side.

You should move the fuck on!

However you need to (period). If you walked over to a new person that wasn’t interested you would behave quite differently. I think that is the same way you should move on even if you’ve been together for years. At least in the moment you just rock on! Why wallow? Why beg? Why stoop to the lowest place just to realize nothing will change! Rejection isn't pretty, it's actually down right out painful to watch no matter how easy the let down. I cringe no matter if I'm on the giving or receiving end of rejection. I hate to let people down but I'd much rather do it earlier than later. The earlier I realize something is going down a path that I am not interested in pursuing; I jump ship and do my best not to let it sink in the process.

Adulting is hard, relationships are harder, and life is exhausting but so worth the ride!
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