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Hey Guys and Dolls let’s really get to know ourselves. How many of you enjoy self-pleasure? How many of you think you are great at it? What’s your secret?

No one should know your body better than you. If you don't take the time to figure out what you like; how will you let your partner know?

At a very young age we realize that rubbing against something a certain way feels good. Many learn this as young as one years old. The natural desire to self stimulate starts as we begin to explore ourselves and the world around us. And once we realize there is pleasure by stimulating our genital area we repeat the behavior. At a young age this behavior isn't associated with sex but more with a pleasurable feeling that we enjoy. Once we've found that sweet spot we revisit it and once we mature we build upon it. By the time we are young adults most of us have mastered the art of self pleasure if we haven't been shamed into thinking it isn't appropriate behavior. For the ones that had parents that allowed them to explore their own bodies, masturbation was eventually born!

If you haven't taken the time to get to know yourself this is the perfect time. Most of us are cooped up in the house with nothing else to do anyway. You're surely tired of watching everything on television, YouTube, and everything else. Turn off the television and turn on yourself. I am sure you have some idea of what you like; build on that. Try everything twice. Once you find something you like; perfect it. You should never stop exploring. Best place to start is the shower! Beginners should definitely start there!


  1. Find a place where you are comfortable.

  2. Get naked.

  3. Get out of your head; don't overthink it.

  4. Go to your mental sexual place.

  5. Explore!

Master Masturbators

Hey Guys and Dolls that upper section wasn't for you but I hope you thumbed through just to visit the beginners section. Now I know you all have mastered that; let's get to the good stuff. I have a better plan for you; partnered masturbation. This is when you and your partner explore together, yet separately. The idea is to watch and learn. Self pleasure is an art! Most of you can choose when you orgasm. You decide if this will be a quickie or a full on show. Watching your partner masturbate allows you to see their desired technique, pleasure zone, and tempo. The key is you have to play together; both have to masturbate simultaneously. This way everyone is receiving pleasure. How you end is up to you!

No one loves me better than me! Period.

The truth is the first time I remember stimulating myself was first grade. I didn't know what I was doing but I did know if felt good. My mother being a nurse played in my favor because we discussed everything more in a medical way which was more open. We talked about sex and sexual behavior early on so I never felt ashamed of my body or my sexual desires. I didn't have sex early and didn't even have my first kiss until I was fifteen. All my sexual experiences have been amazing and I think it is because I masturbated and learned what I like early in life and built upon it. I am still exploring and enjoying the pleasures that I give me and no one makes me orgasm better than me; can you say the same?

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