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Hey Guys and Dolls I just have one question for you, is biting the new spanking? I’m asking for a friend oh and myself because I definitely need to know.

Remember when your partner would just pop you on the ass? It didn’t really hurt but it caught you off guard, right? Soooo has biting replaced a good ole pop on the bottom?

I think biting much like spanking, the key is in technique. Just the right amount of pressure can be the difference in pleasure or pain. If you are into a little pain then this could go a long way in teasing and tantalizing a person into their erogenous zone. The amount of pleasure zones to explore are countless. Careful where you nibble it may not be the best spot for the result you are looking for. I think biting can be a bit more intriguing since there seems to be more locations to choose from. I can definitely see why it could replace an old fashion spanking. The thought of this whole biting really has me curious and I may have to do some personal research of my own. I may be equally into giving as receiving; I will let you Guys and Dolls know what I find out.

Just for the record I’m not against either; I welcome them both equally.

Sexual preferences really is a discussion to be had between lovers. I think you should definitely get the green light before trying anything new unless you have a long-standing relation and know your spouse/partner really well. Not all surprises are good ones. Some surprises don’t always work out the way you would hope. Just check in to make sure, as not to ruin a perfectly good sexual experience. Once you've got the green light it's all fun and excitement then!

I suggest you all do a bit of research of your own and we can meet back up next week and discuss what we all found out. Hit me on my message and I will post some of the comments for those who are okay sharing. Have fun Guys and Dolls because that’s what this is all about. Let’s explore together! I dare you to try something new whether it is biting, spanking, or a new wardrobe look; change things up a bit. I bet your partner will appreciate it. If you are already doing the most then check out my masturbation topic for a new idea you may be able to use.

Try something new.....

If you are here then you are definitely in the right place. Stay a while!

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