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The Naked Truth

Hello Guys and Dolls I hope you are all doing well out in the world today and every day. I am feeling super today as I prepare for a much-needed Holiday!! I plan on relaxing and that made me think about nudity. Yes, relaxing and nudity go hand in hand for me. The feeling of being free and unrestrained has much to do with being naked for me.

The first thing I do every day when I get home from work is strip down to my birthday suit and lounge. It is a way for me to strip the stress and angst of my workday away piece by piece. It may sound silly, but it really works. I start to feel better and better the closer I get to being free of all those clothes. It’s as if those clothes are weighing me down and I cannot wait to be released from them. That little joy once I’m naked is everything after a long day at work.

Being comfortable with one’s body is something that should be very natural, but society has tainted most of our views on what is good and beautiful. Society has told us that there is only one or certain kinds of beauty but in reality, we are all beautiful. We should all find our own bodies beautiful! If you don’t see the beauty in you; how can someone else? I may be more comfortable with me and my nakedness than most and that’s okay. I think I am much more attractive naked than with clothes on and that should be everyone’s belief. Clothes can never truly fit the way your natural skin does. We weren’t all meant to be the same.

I think all too often we focus on the things that we don’t like instead of the things we do. I have stretchmarks and this little annoying dimple on my tummy that I have had at every size or stage of my life. Those two things have never kept me from enjoying bikini life. They have never made me self-conscious about getting naked for any reason including sex with someone new. I wish my butt was bigger, but you’d never know it (well you know now) because I run around dancing and shaking my butt like it’s way more voluptuous than it actually is.

All of the best things are done naked. Think of all life’s exceptional moments and little treasures they are all done naked. Giving birth is natural and done naked. Having sex is natural and done naked. Getting a massage is exhilarating and also done naked. Good sleep is done in the nude and if you haven’t tried it; test it out. You should definitely go swimming in the nude at least once in your life; any body of water will work. A hot bath or cool shower definitely done without clothes. Society has tried to cover us up for far too long; let’s all rebel a little bit and get naked! Start at home though because I do not have bail money! Lol!

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