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Talk dirty to me.....

Hey Guys and Dolls, I hope you are as hot for this conversation as I am. I like it when you talk nasty! I like to get the most naughty messages. Who else thinks it is just another level of fourplay?

A naughty call in the middle of the day will have me ready to pack up and leave work early. Yep it is that serious. A sexy conversation over the phone just gets me in a mood that nothing but sex can cure. If you aren't going to live up to the talk then don't get me all riled up. Call me and tell me how you want it and I am going to do everything I can to give you above and beyond what you asked for. It gives me just the right amount of details to set the mood and drive the naughty visual in my head home. Now, I know what you want and it is my pleasure to give it to you just the way you envisioned. I always say the devil is in the details so of course I'm listening closely. I need to know just how wet my mouth should be when I wrap it around your throbbing manhood. I need to listen closely to if the lights are on or off. I pay extra close attention to the excitement when mentioning my sexy lingerie or if I should just be in heels and accessories. All the details are in the conversation and if you listen closely you can drive your person to pure ecstasy effortlessly.

The great thing about talking dirty is it works either way. You can either tell a person what you want them to do to you or what you're going to do to them. This is a great way to let your partner know what you like as well. Especially a new partner that may not know what you're into. You can throw in some hints about where to touch you to get you excited and how fast or slow to do what it takes to push you to your happy place. Talking sex can open your partner's eyes to who you are as a sexual being all while tantalizing you both in the process. I know for me it doesn't matter if I'm listening or talking I'm also getting very excited at the same damn time!

Let's vote......

Which is better sexting or talking dirty?

Which is better really just depends on the person. I like sexting a lot; I mean a lot a lot! Yeah I realize I typed that twice but that is how much I like it. I can talk dirty because my mind is built for the amazingness that is necessary to get most anyone excited but I really just don't do it. For me it is person specific; I have to know that the endgame is going to be worth it. Not everyone wants to hear sex talk. I know it is shocking to find this out Guys and Dolls but there are a lot of people that just aren't that into it. It is probably because this new generation doesn't actually "talk" on the phone.

Different but the same....

Sexting is different but the same. If you are shy and can't spit the words out but you still want to have some fun then sexting will get the same end result. You have to be savvy with your words but you have to be savvy with your words to talk dirty too. The only problem with sexting is not knowing what's happening on the other end. If they take too long to respond now you don't know if they are into it or what? You won't know if you went too far or if you hit a home run. There is not instant gratification at all; patience is the key. You just have to know the person a bit and feel the responses as they come. Once you get going it is amazing and exhilarating! It is definitely a high that you will want to repeat.

How to get started

  • Send a naughty snippet and see how they respond?

  • Whisper something coy and see where it goes?

  • Send a pic that teeters on the line and see if they ask to see more?

  • Ask for something sexy and see what you get?

  • Ask a naughty question and see how they respond?

You have to start somewhere; baby steps until you can run a marathon!

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