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Where are all my Single Guys and Dolls? Hey don’t leave me out here solo!! I know ya’ll are out there living your best life, right!

You know what I hate; I hate when people ask me why I’m single. I know they don’t mean to be rude but sometimes it can come across rude as hell. It is a cross between you are way too awesome to be single and what is really wrong with you? No one ever ask married people why they’re married. WTF!!!

Single Guys and Dolls let’s just start asking people why they’re married?

The truth about why I’m single is because life can be difficult; that’s it mostly. None of us have life figured out and then couple that with another person who doesn’t have life figured out and sometimes you stumble and it all works out okay. Sometimes you stumble and the relationship breaks (period). I’ve been stumbling with the same guy off and on for a really long time and that guy likes being single. I love that guy; and that shit just won’t go away.

That's real smile all the way to my eyes! I'm happy single; let me be happy my way!

Now, I have not always been single and the crazy part is that I’m happier with my noncommitted guy then I have ever been with my committed ones. Try explaining that to traditional society; friends, family, those who love you. I decided only recently to be open with people that I love them all and value their opinions but I don’t have to live the life someone else chooses. My single life is happy and good 93% of the time. Shit, I am winning most days. Everyone has hard days and difficult times in relationships no matter the type. We have to live our own best life and allow those around us to live theirs.

The truth is some days what I want wins over what I need long term. That doesn’t make me weak it just makes me human. I am quick to forgive my friends for BS and move on like it never happened. I choose to do the same with my guy. Relationships are what you make them and married people deal with a whole lot of shit then look at single people like we somehow love our person less because we aren’t committed in the same way. Love is love people; love is love! I don’t love my guy any less just because he’s not “my guy”! Single people have different relationship problems; not better or worse just different.

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