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Porn vs Prostitution

Hey Guys and Dolls, I am so hot for this conversation that I almost forgot to greet you all! I hope you brought an open mind to today's topic. Let's dive right in.

Sex is undersold in some countries and oversold in others areas of our world. How is it that in the entire world sex sells billions of dollars’ or more from toys, videos, enhancement creams and lord knows what else but sex workers can’t make an honest living? Has society taken over in deciding what is deemed an honest day’s pay? I can be a porn star and sell sex but not a prostitute? Is America this hypocritical? Prostitution is one of the oldest professions and we act like porn isn’t the same as prostitution. Is it fair that porn stars are glorified, and prostitutes are vilified? The idea that women would prefer to sell their bodies in private versus public is the only difference in the actual job description. A woman who prefers to sell her own body in private to take care of herself is unacceptable, but we will as a society accept women who will record it for all to see. This has got to be the most ass backwards thing ever!

Let's vote......

I’d like to see prostitution on the next ballot for legalization behind marijuana. Now that’s something we can all get behind! (pun intended)

I’m sure I have the answer and it all boils down to dollars and cents! The government cannot track prostitution funds the way they can porn money. This means they have to invest way too much time to gain a little money where as porn they have an easier way to tax and regulate the government’s cut. Rest assured prostitutes are not disclosing ALL their earnings much like other cash businesses that are being pushed out by the government.

We are all being screwed

It seems like they are screwing us all! We get to pay to watch two people have sex as a pose to paying someone to have sex with us. That hardly seems right! In porn both parties are getting paid and both parties are having sex. I get to watch but I don’t get to participate. In prostitution, I can pay and participate; that’s where I want to spend my money. Other countries allow sex workers to work and tax them the same as any other profession. How can we say as a society you can only sell sex in a certain way if the person is only offering their own body? Isn’t it my body to do with what I please and use how I please? This isn’t sex trafficking or underage minors; this is a grown adult person (male or female) allowing another person to have consensual sex at a price. Hardly seems scandalous to me; I may be more open minded than most. At any rate it definitely doesn’t seem criminal.

Ask for what you want

I want prostitution to be legal in America.

I'll say the thing that I guess we aren't supposed to say; I don't see anything wrong with prostitution! We act like prostitution is this dirty little secret and we don't talk about it. We all have sex or want to have sex. Sex isn't shameful! Sex isn't dirty! If someone wants to pay to have sex with another person then why does the government get to say no, they can't? You can have sex for free but not get paid. Well from now on I may start asking for tips or donations for my services because I'm worth it!


  • What's the difference between a prostitute and a porn star?

  • Aren't American's already selling sex?

  • Why do we continue to allow the government to regulate our bodies?

  • Why has sex work not been a bigger topic?

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