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Project driven........

Hi Guys and Dolls I have been going crazy over here thinking about sex. Mostly because I've been so caught up in getting some home projects done that I lost track of time and my personal maintenance man in the process.

Meanwhile, sex is everywhere when you’re not getting any; even tools make you want to fuck. Drill, hammer, screws and screw drivers!! Wtf? And safety glasses were obviously made for Dolls who squirt and the Guys who cum but always get it in your eyes! I can’t stop thinking that’s why he’s called “the maintenance man”!

So if the maintenance man tightens you up then that’s why the plumber has to lay pipe! Ah... now I see.

I clearly have too much time on my hands and need to start having more sex. How many of you Guys and Dolls believe sex is the cure? Great me too! I think the more sex you have the better you feel about life. Whenever I start to get cranky I am usually in need of one or two things; sometimes I need both. Amazing sex and/or a good ole nap! The stress relief that sex brings cannot be matched by anything else. Sure I could workout but I'd much rather enjoy a few rounds of sex! Plus when done properly you definitely burn plenty of calories. Much like a good workout sex requires you to stay hydrated. So when someone recommends you workout to clear your head or burn calories tell them you'd rather have sex; it does the same thing but feels so much better.

The “pool boy” reference is making perfect sense now because he keeps you wet with excitement!

Don't miss out....

Don't worry about my sex life Guys and Dolls because I never go too long with out taking care of my sexual needs and you shouldn't either. Don't let work, school, or life keep you from enjoying one of life's greatest!

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