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Penis Power

Hey Guys and Dolls, I have been looking forward to this conversation for a while! I know all my Guys have been waiting on me to discuss the power of the penis. Let's jump right on this one; I know you'll like it! The time is now and I am not ashamed to admit I love Penis Power and I acknowledge its greatness.

Is it the.......Size?

How many Dolls have been waiting to discuss if size matters? I think we have men all shook up thinking it's the size but, I don't think the size is the answer for most of us. I mean there is such a thing as too small! This is true. There is also a thing as too big! Yes believe it or not you can miss me with too large the same way you can miss me with too small! They actually equate to the same thing for most women; the sex not being enjoyable. The problem is not all women have the same idea about what is too large and what is too small. What one woman can't handle another one can. One partner may leave a man feeling inadequate and the next will have him feeling like a King! Don't be confused Guys we just don't all like the same thing! Simple as that!

You got me hooked!

Guys and Dolls let's discuss the infamous hook some men have in their penis. Are we for or against it? Depending on the bend, I think we might all be hooked! (pun intended) Guys don't be insecure about curvature in your penis; it really is very common. There are advantages to having a bit of a bend and if you are one of those chosen ones; explore sexual positions specific to your curve. Whether you curve up, down, left, or right there could be a trick or two you could learn to make sex better for your partner. A bit of an added edge that straight penis men cannot take advantage of. So definitely don't be shy about it, explore the possibilities!


Oh and let's not even get into girth! That is a whole other discussion. Some men make up in girth what they lack in length or vice versa. Penis girth and size and how satisfied one's partner is, really is like most things in life; person specific. It's really like getting dressed for an important event; you really have to try it on to know if you want it. Then try a few other outfits and possibly end up with the first outfit you tried on! Basically you don't know what you'll like until you shop around. And the reality is you may love them all! That is perfectly okay as well. A nice long penis may hit a different erogenous zone then a thick penis that makes you fill full and explores another erogenous zone. Try them all! The perfect penis for you could be any combination.

Preference Survey

  • Girth or length?

  • Size or skill?

  • [Great oral and average intercourse] or [average oral and great intercourse]?

  • Quiet sex partner or loud?

  • Bed or wherever it happens?

  • Dominant or submissive?

I will gather all the responses and post them and if you have a question for me hit me on my messenger! I love interacting with all my Guys and Dolls! Thanks for making this exciting!

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