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Oral! To give or not to give?

Hello Guys and Dolls I hope you are ready for this topic because I sure am. Relationships far and wide have thrived and died based around todays debate. Oral sex, to give or not to give has been an ongoing question between lovers.

I will start with some definitions as not to leave anyone out of this discussion.

Fellatio is oral stimulation of the penis. It’s the art of sucking the penis; caressing it with the mouth and tongue for arousal and ejaculation resulting from an orgasm.

Cunnilingus is oral stimulation of the vulva or vagina. This is the art of stimulating the clitoris and/or (vagina) with the mouth and tongue for arousal resulting in an orgasm.

Side note: Neither fellatio nor cunnilingus must result in an orgasm for it to be considered oral sex.


Let’s not assume everyone is up to speed on the art of fellatio or cunnilingus; many people still have not gotten onboard.

Now that we have that bit of business out the way let’s get to the nitty gritty of the conversation. By show of hands; how many of you are givers? How many of you are not? Okay, okay, I can’t really see you so put your hands down! What I have realized along my own personal investigation is people are selfish! Yep! Many who are not willing to give oral sex still want it in return. I found that there are an equal number of men and women who only want to receive; not one sex was less willing or more than the other. I truly found it hard to believe in 2021 that people are still holding oral sex hostage!

Shocking, I know!

If they only knew that in giving, you are still very much on the receiving end of pleasure; for to please your partner is to satisfy yourself!

Here’s what I found out for the people who don’t want to give, they aren’t comfortable with oral sex. Some don't want to ever give and others are willing to give but only after a certain period of time. Sort of like a waiting period; they will but not until they are more familiar with one another. If you are comfortable enough to have sex then go all in or wait to have sex and then go all in. What is the waiting period for? You are kissing this person and having sex which is an exchange of enough fluids to fairly assume you have already crossed whatever line you think you haven't.

Then we have the givers. I love the givers. The givers understand the satisfaction in giving. Much like those who give to charities because it makes them feel good as does being on the giving end of oral sex. When your partner is reveling in the pleasure at your skilled mouth-tongue combination you cannot help but be aroused yourself. The joy of their pleasure fills your excitement even more pushing you both over the edge into orgasm heaven. That place where everyone is working to catch their breath and fight that uncontrollable tremble. All that can be achieved just by sharing your mouth!

The I will never try it people

This is the group that drives me! Not just for oral sex but for anything. How can you not like a thing or not be interested in something you've never tried. The exception being common sense things like jumping off a bridge; no one needs to try it to know they aren't interested. Maybe to those individuals this is like diving off a bridge. Sometimes a person waits so long to try something that they eventually give up on the idea of it at all. Why try now? Why bother? I'll tell you why, so you know unequivocally that it isn't for you! You'll never know you hate it or don't like it if you don't try. Or you will try it, love it and hate you waited so long to do. Either way you should get to know yourself! It really isn't about the other person. It's about getting to you!

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