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All things Anal….

Hello Guys and Dolls I would like to introduce you to ASS! Some of you may already be acquainted with Ass, as you often admire it, grab it, spank it, and often hold and caress it. How many of you kiss it? How many of you lick it? Let’s just see how familiar some of you are!

This is a topic that people tend to tip toe around like the stepchild of sex. The anus is nothing to be afraid of and in my opinion deserves an equal amount of love and attention. If you are not familiar, then please don’t assume you aren’t interested. Just remember we were all virgins once and crossed over never to look back. This could be your loss of anal virginity! Let’s explore!

Things you should know:
1. Unlike the vagina the anus does not create its own moisture/lubricant.
2. The anus is very sensitive and can tear easily; please be gentle initially.
3. Anal requires a specific type of lubricant; it must be water based. Lots of lube required.
4. When moving from anus to vagina you must cleanse; I suggest cleansing wipes.

I can openly admit that this is a topic that I am quite comfortable discussing as I openly discuss things with professionals when I want to try something new. I once asked my gynecologist about anal sex and if it was something, I shouldn’t try because of all the negative stigma associated. Mind you, this was over twenty years ago and people seem to be just as uncomfortable now as they were back then. My doctor gave me a great answer and I will share it with you. He said anal sex is like vaginal sex; it is exhilarating if you know what you are doing. I took that as a learn what you need to learn and go forth and enjoy yourself; and I did.

I may be more open minded about anal sex and anal stimulation so I will just jump right to it. If you want to stimulate your partner and aren’t sure how to get started let me help. Anal sex has a stigma because of the “dirty” association; so, first things first clean it up. A nice shower or bath to get started. This is just a necessary precaution to cleanse the area prior to oral stimulation. Also, it allows your partner to be in a relaxed state which is also very important. If the person is tense then the anus is tight and cannot be properly stimulated. Whether you are attempting anal penetration with a finger, penis, or sexual device; oral stimulation is where you should start. Remember this is supposed to be tantalizing and erotic. You want your partner begging you for more; nothing excites like oral stimulation even anal oral.

Men and women both enjoy oral anal stimulation and there shouldn’t be any negative connotation. Sexual pleasure should be a shared experience between partners.
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