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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Hey Guys and Dolls I sure hope you took some time to relax and enjoy your weekend. This week’s Mind ya business topic is about Marriage. I know you are all thinking how is this a mind your business topic but think about how many people have an opinion about everything including other people's union. It's definitely worth discussing.

We all hear it; marriage is between a man and a woman.

Well that may be true for some but not for everyone. Why is the world stuck on everything relating to the bible? The minute they want something to fit into a perfect little box they bring in religion. I often times feel like most people haven't actually read the bible or done their research when they spew their religious rhetoric. There are many references to things not always being one woman and one man. Somehow everyone looks over that. There are several instances where a man had multiple wives. So are we going to just act like that didn't happen and look the other way?

Religion isn't for everyone and it definitely doesn't dictate everyone's life. I find it silly to hold everyone to this one standard that not everyone believes in. If a person doesn't subscribe to that particular belief then shouldn't he or she not have to subscribe to that lifestyle either? Shouldn't you hold your judgement? Religious people are always first to judge; aren't they supposed to be the loving and forgiving kind? And let's say I subscribe to your religion am I held to such a high standard that I must live up to everything in the bible even if everyone else doesn't.

Can't I be LBGTQIA and still sin like everyone else; must my standards be so high, I can never achieve them?

Basically, what I’m saying is it’s none of your business if my spouse is a man or a woman. It's also none of your business if my husband has multiple wives. It's none of your business if my marriage is open. It's also not your business if I have a "normal union". It's not your business and it also shouldn't even be a topic for debate. Unless you are apart of the union then I don't think you should have an opinion or be allowed to force your view onto someone else. Some things religion and government shouldn't be involved in and marriage is one them. They should just mind their business and allow people to love and unite with whomever they desire.

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