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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Hello Guys and Dolls I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are ready to get into this week’s mind ya business topic. These particular people drive me to the highest point of pissed-ivity! (if pissed-ivity were an actual word). Social media trolls are the ultimate people that have no idea how to mind their own business.

Fucking trolls….

In fact they go out of their way to mind other people's business for no other reason than to wreak havoc on other people's lives.

Make it Make sense......

Their idea of fun is to jump online and fuck with people just to get them riled up, then sit back and enjoy. The fact that this is fun for those trolls tells you a lot about how fucked up the world has become. It also says that those people are so unhappy with their lives that the only joy they have is watching other's suffer. It won't make sense to you Guys and Dolls because you are using your sane brain to break down the insane thought process of a troll.

Online Karens

I have decided that social media trolls are just online Karens! Let's put this puzzle together so that it is clear. What we know about Karens are they meddle in other people's affairs just for the sake of meddling. They have no gain other than causing the other party involved misery. Karens are quick to state they are just being honest or pointing out the truth; policing because it is their right. Karens are unable to see anyone else's point of view. They only want to make their point. Karens are people who aren't heard in their everyday life so they want to make a point to be heard in any situation they feel they are righteous.

Trolls are doing the same exact thing online without showing their faces. They go to a site that they claim to disagree with which already makes no sense. If you hate "black love" then why go to a site honoring it. Then make a statement against it or say all love matters! The troll then explains the truth that "all love" matters. Of course all love matters but this isn't that site. This is where they have to make their point regardless of how infantile or petty it seems. They must be heard because of their inability to be heard elsewhere. So there you have it social media trolls are just Karens too afraid to show their faces!

Do me a solid....

The next time you come across a social media troll do me a favor; ignore them! Don't tell them to mind their business. Don't engage at all! Do yourself a favor and just allow them to sit in their misery. Let them sit all alone waiting for someone to come along and give their life meaning or purpose. Don't you be the bait! It isn't about being the bigger person because I'm way too petty for that shit. This is about psychological warfare! If you bite; they win! If you don't bite you can't see it but you are winning! You are winning and they are frustrated! They are so miserable they don't know what to do with themselves! Take the win! Do it for me please and this one time......don't tell them to mind their business!

Drop me a message and let me know your opinion on this topic. Everything is online now and it's important to know how to navigate just like you do in the real world. We have to be prepared online for the sake of our mental well being!

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