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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Hey Guys and Dolls we are one week away from the official start of summer June 20th. I know this whole Covid thing had us locked up and isolated so let's expect people to be doing the absolute most this summer. I know I'm trying to make up for lost time! With that being said can the usual busy bodies just let us have this summer! Please!!

We are all starving for attention, activities to get involved in, and fun to be had. Anyone not interested in joining in; can you please just mind your business and let the rest of us play? If your neighbor is laid out naked on the lawn just throw a blanket over them and please don't call the cops! Just let them sleep it off; it's the neighborly thing to do.

Summer Time

This is the time of year where we usually turn up and enjoy ourselves and I'm predicting this year will be one for the books. People have been so on edge about every little thing and now it is time to release some of that pinned up stress. Please watch out for one another instead of judging; you never know what your coworker or neighbor has been dealing with in these stressful times. A lot of us lost family members, friends, and coworkers during the thick of this pandemic. Some of us have been without work and struggling to maintain our households. Things aren't back to normal and may never be but we are finding our new normal and it may look a bit different than we all expected.

So before you judge or get out of your lane; ask your self one very important question this summer. Is this any of your business? And more likely than not; it isn't! So as I remind you Guys and Dolls please mind ya business this summer if you don't plan on joining in the festivities. And if you are a frequent reader of this blog you probably aren't the person this message if for but for your neighbor or nearby associate.

If you have someone that is constantly minding your business and you don't know what to do; direct them here or send me their email ;) I got you!! Lol!

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