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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Updated: May 31, 2021

Hey Guys and Dolls I sure hope you took some time to relax and enjoy your weekend. I hope you all have a good Memorial Day for those who observe the holiday and if you don't then happy weekend. This week’s Mind ya business topic is about doing you. Don't worry about who's at so and so's house. Don't worry about how many cars are at your neighbor's house. Don't stress about who didn't bring you a plate or invite you to their get together. Just take the time to mind your business and enjoy your day.

I know some of y'all can't help yourselves but for the sake of us all just mind ya business this Memorial Day!

This is what is known as a good time to chill and gather your thoughts. Hang out with people that want to hang out with you. All too often we get too involved in why someone didn't call us, invite us, or come see us. Don't sweat the small shit today. Today enjoy some peace and quiet doing you. Whatever it is you like to do; do that today and just let today be about that! Nothing else. Cook yourself a meal or if cooking isn't your thing then pick up some good food to eat. Watch a movie or comedy show; just enjoy your time.

If covid has taught us anything it's that anything can happen and at any time; we just don't know!

What I'm saying is that time isn't nearly as long as we think and we shouldn't spend it minding someone else's affairs. Especially when most of us don't have our own affairs in order. Have a great day whether you are working or just relaxing at the house. Enjoy that time and be in that moment!

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