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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Hey Guys and Dolls I really hope you all are doing well and had an amazing weekend. It always comes and goes too quickly for me. Are you all ready for this week's mind your business topic. I'm on a singles kick so let's just stick with that theme; can you married people just leave us the fuck alone!

I don't know why married folk act like if you aren't married by a certain age you are damaged goods. Maybe we are smarter than the average person or we tried it and believe it not marriage isn't for everyone.

Stop acting like marriage is the answer to every single person's prayers!

First off, we know y'all! I mean we actually and genuinely know y'all! We know that you married Guys and Dolls aren't always happy within your relationship. We know that there are ups and downs that leave you second guessing being married in the first damn place. As your friends we know all the shit that you pretend isn't going on when outsiders inquire. So why in the hell do you insist on dragging us into that shit with you? Is it truly misery loves company or is there something we are missing that you all aren't sharing?

I personally think you can have your "person" and don't have to be married to have that "bliss" that everyone seeks in a relationship. I don't think it necessary to be married to be happy with a significant partner. The idea of marriage isn't the paper for me; it's the true partnership. I want the partnership and the friendship and if that leads to marriage than that's great. I can be committed without the paper or the ring. When a person wants to claim you they don't need a piece of paper. Just claim me! Lol! At any rate I think as single people we get sick of every one trying to "fix" our lives by "fixing" us up.

Can y'all just work on y'all own shit and let us work on ours! Basically, what I'm trying to say is just mind ya business!

I don't know what it is but lately everyone has been on my ass about being single and I really don't like it! I am okay in the space I'm in. I am single AF and that is okay! I love the fuck out myself and sometimes in life that is all you need! If more people spent time loving and taking care of their own needs we wouldn't have someone hurt people out hurting other people. Please heal and love your self before you go out into the world and try and build a relationship with someone else!

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