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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Hey Guys and Dolls I sure hope you took some time to relax and enjoy your weekend. This week’s Mind ya business topic is Face Masks. We all have them however different they may be.

How many of you are sick of these damn face masks and ready to move on with life? How many of you have grown to like the comfort the masks bring in an uncertain world?

Whether you are for or against them there are some people that make life more difficult for us all by choosing to go against the grain. Sure some us don't want to wear the masks but we understand the need for them. Most of us are sick to death of the masks but we know that in order to do the day to day necessities a mask is required. Majority of us just go with the flow because it is a means to an end, basically, so we just do it.

We were ALL told to wear them so we do, but what about the people who don't? Is it our business or nah?

I watch people get denied service because they are refusing to wear a mask. I watch people get pissed because they aren't wearing the required mask but don't understand that the rule is the rule. There are a laundry list of rules in this world that a great deal of us think are silly or unnecessary however we understand the rule is the rule. I watch other people get overly concerned with the person without their mask on. I watch people get involved in a situation that ultimately doesn't even concern them in the slightest. If a person is choosing to not follow the rule and you have to get involved what does that say about you? Shouldn't we just all mind our own business. If "so and so" doesn't want to wear a mask at the grocery store then I make a point to avoid the area they are in. I don't get in line behind them; I go two rows over. Not minding my business would ultimately create two problems to deal with instead of one!

In Texas the Governor says one thing but businesses are saying something else; what the hell should we do?

I'll tell you what you should do; wear a mask. If the Governor says you don't have to wear a mask "in public" but follow the guidelines set forth by the place of business you are attempting to be a consumer at then it isn't rocket science. It's like the idiots only heard part of the announcement before they ran outside without their masks on!

I think we are all just trying to survive this thing and no matter what the governor says some of us are choosing to still wear our masks. Others are happy to be free of their masks and felt it was long overdue. Either way, we went from fighting to not wear the damn mask to being completely okay continuing on for a while longer! All I am saying is if you see someone without a mask; walk the other way! It's not your job to police anyone except yourself and your children! It's somebody's job, just not yours! Mind ya business!

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