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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Hey Guys and Dolls I sure hope you took some time to relax and enjoy your weekend. This week’s Mind ya business topic is about these stimulus checks. People worried about who's getting them and should they be getting them?

Money makes people crazy!

The truth is, if the government decides to give out checks, then that's who gets the checks. Period. What is there to discuss? I'm so sick of people complaining about people not working and people not getting back to work faster; I could legit scream. We are so selfish that we cannot see anything outside of our own viewpoint. Imagine that you are walking in someone else's shoes before you fix your mouth to say what they should and should not receive.

Rich folks mad that poor people aren't rushing out to serve them just drives me. These people have to worry about Covid because they don't work at a job that allows them the benefit of working remotely. Not only do they have to worry about Covid they have to worry that not all schools have re-opened. Not all daycares have re-opened. What should they do with their kids so they can serve you your coffee, breakfast, lunch, etc.?

It's also funny how companies quietly took their handout (PPP Loans) and have the audacity to complain that the government is helping their citizens. This is the people's PPP Loan to allow them to get back on their feet. It isn't anywhere near the equivalent to what the businesses received yet they are quick to complain when the money isn't going into their accounts.

In addition, most of the lower paid jobs don't offer healthcare. So they risk racking up enormous medical bills all in the name of serving you. Fuck you! I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Fuck everyone that cannot sympathize with their struggle. Fuck everyone that calls them lazy! Fuck everyone that took their assistance and then put someone else down for taking and utilizing theirs. Fuck you for being an utter and complete asshole; fuck you!

This phrase continues to get the most air time this year “Ooooh mind ya business!” Followed by “This ain’t got nothing to do with you!”

Oh and mind your fuckin' business!

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