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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Hello Guys and Dolls I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are ready to get into this week’s mind ya business topic. Well there is no time like the present to discuss family! I know it's a hard one to deal with so let's tip toe in this room and flip the light on anyway.

Family business….

This may get a little touchy so if you have to stop and come back after a glass of wine; I will understand! I took a wine break while working this particular post!

I don't know about your household growing up but we were taught to mind our business and what happens in our house stays in our house. That meant even if the shit was all the way wrong, illegal, unethical, and anything else you can think of you didn't talk your house! Now with that being said I have raised my kid pretty much the same way. What happens in our house is our business. To be fair there isn't anything worth reporting; at least not since he came along. I don't worry about what is going on with my neighbors. I speak, they speak. That is how we roll over here. Nothing to report!

Now with that being stated, is family a case where one should always keep their mouth closed? Should we have "minded our business" and looked the other way while things we knew should have been discussed? Are we wrong for passing down these house rules to our kids? Are we better or worse for minding our own business all those times that uncle so and so beat up aunt whoever? Or when cousin so and so got pregnant and sent away then came back without a kid a few months later. When it comes to family business are there different rules?

I try to look at my family now and no matter how I look at it, I still feel like whatever is going on in their household isn't my business. Is it my place to stick my nose in and mediate someone else's household? What gives me the right? Who am I to decide what's right for their house? At what point is it my business? These are the things I struggle with as an adult growing up with the mentality that "that's they house"!

If I'm honest with myself I don't ask because in asking I am putting myself in a position to be asked for help and in some cases I'm just not prepared to do what is necessary to aid. If I'm really honest I mind my business because I appreciate the peace in my home. I enjoy the work I've done to make my home a place of solace for myself and my son.

I think we can all agree that if family calls and asks for help; we help. We stop everything and go see about them because they are family. But what about when they don't ask? What about when they don't call? What do you do then, when you know shit is fucked up and no one is asking for your help? How do you mind your business then?

Drop me a message and let me know your opinion on this topic. I'm thinking this may be worthy of posting some of the feedback! Later, Guys and Dolls and let's get this week started off right!

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