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Mind Ya Business.......Mondays

Hey Guys and Dolls I sure hope you took some time to relax and enjoy your weekend. This week’s Mind ya business topic is boundaries. We all have them however different they may be. When did the line between ones’ social life and private life get so thin? There used to be a very clear and distinct line that people knew not to cross whether it was physically or figuratively. Now that line is damn near nonexistent.

I need to know how to etch the boundary line back into place?

I have acquaintances touching my hair, inquiring about my dating life, and commenting on how I look in a much too vulgar to look the other way, way. This used to be unacceptable in certain settings and while I can definitely handle myself, I think people should know where the line is and how to not cross it. I don’t feel it should be my place to remind people I am not an art exhibit and even those you aren’t allowed to touch! I am okay with admiration from afar. I’m okay with lustful thoughts in a person’s mind. I’m okay with all things that don’t cross the line where I can see, hear, or feel. I shouldn’t be directly affected. I think that is fair!

Men and woman have become so aggressive that it’s becoming okay to get into other’s people’s space. We look at the person who is upset and doesn’t like it as if they are the ones being unreasonable. We make them feel like they are being petty or overreacting about the situation. I believe this is called victim blaming! We have become a society that doesn’t respect rules and will change a rule to fit our agenda. If the thing we want is on the other side of the line; we move the line. And this is what I believe happened to my beloved boundary; the line just got shifted. Then it was shifted again! Then it was partially buried. Now, we barely know if a boundary is being crossed at all and rarely are we willing to do anything about it when it is.

The phrase that has been getting the absolute most air time in 2021 is “Ooooh mind ya business!” Followed by “This ain’t got nothing to do with you!”

Basically, what I’m saying is it’s none of your business if my hair is mine, my eyelashes are fake, or if I’ve had any plastic surgery! I don’t think what I’m doing after work concerns you unless you are invited. Whether the guy that dropped by to see me is the dude I’m fucking really isn’t your business since we don’t have that type of relationship. Minding my business isn't yours; so yeah, mind ya business!

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