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Living up to my blog.........

Hello Guys and Dolls I hope you all have missed me as much I have missed everyone. Honestly, I have been having so much fun and excitement in real time I haven't made time to blog. I hope you Guys and Dolls have been living your best life despite all the crazy in the world.

I think you all should know; you are never too old to relive your teenage years!

What I mean by that is go back to the era where you did things because it just felt good! I've been learning a lot about myself lately just by doing things that make me feel good in the moment. I honestly have thrown all caution to the wind! I don't give a damn about what people think and neither should you.

Just know that when it is all said and done and you're too old to do the things you used to do; other people's opinions will be the last thing you care about!

Now, who remembers having sex in the car? When's the last time you tried it? Well. if you haven't visited that time in your life where you only had sex in cars; I suggest you try it. It's not nearly as tricky as you think; get out of your head and get into the backseat. There is no reason kids should have all the fun.

Shocking, I know!

Oral sex in the car is still as sexy as it used to be! An old fashion hand job still does the trick in a dark parking lot! I know from experience!

Here's a few things to get you started and help you get out of your own head.

  1. What you where matters; ladies a skirt and a top is your go to. Avoid all undergarments! You don't need them; they will just get in the way.

  2. Men, please wear our favorite grey sweat pants for this adventure! Please we beg of you! Leave the boxers/briefs at home.

  3. Bring back making out! Maybe you don't go ALL THE WAY the first time but definitely make it to third base. (below the waist fondling)

  4. If at first you don't succeed; try, try, and try again! Practice is fun!

  5. For the less adventurous couple just crack your garage door and hop in your backseat. No one has to know you never left the house!

For all the couples that would never try it...........

You're missing out on a rite of passage! Don't miss out on all the fun! Try it and if you don't like it; I'll give you a different adventure next week!

Here's how it should play out.........well this is how it played out for me!

It started early in the day on a lunch break actually. I just stopped by to drop off lunch; wearing an unassuming t-shirt and shorts. Well on the surface it looked like any other outfit, but dessert was lurking underneath. I allowed him to finish his lunch in the car as we chatted about nothing important. Once he finished, I offered dessert. His face was confused as the bag his lunch was in was empty. I smirked as I placed his hand under my t-shirt. He felt the lace as my nipple rose to the occasion. Completely understanding the assignment, a hand became a mouth. As his hands and mouth interrogated my body like the FBI with a warrant, we forgot it was the middle of the day and the sun was shining bright on a vehicle with very light tent.

As we both paused because his lunch break was over; we knew this was only the beginning. He sat with the door open getting his bearings to return to work. I exhaled feeling accomplished and plotting my return after dark. Yes, this was definitely the beginning. We were both reeling from the excitement of what just took place, what was to come, and the idea of getting away with something in open view. Surprisingly, no one really cares about what's happening when they are on a time clock with somewhere to be. People genuinely didn't care! This made my idea to return a reality.

After dark I returned wearing a dress and my birthday suit. I was so excited from the events from earlier I couldn't wait to return. He admittedly couldn't think straight at work. I was happy to give him everything he wanted upon my return and I feel I received more than I gave! I can admit I was nervous at first. I own a whole house I told myself. Once his hands reached my joy; once his mouth took over my honeypot, I didn't care about anything but receiving the pleasure I was receiving. The backseat of my SUV had never seen so much ecstasy. The way he held my body and gave me pleasure was overwhelmingly exhilarating. We matched one another's energy beautifully. I believe I orgasmed several times from not only the thrill of being in the car but the closeness of our bodies in the car. The care in which he held me close to make sure I was not only sexually satisfied but properly protected from the physical attribute of having sex in a car. I had a few war wounds that I must admit I was proud of; after all we earned those bruises!

Since then we have visited our little spot a few times for some good old making out and I suspect going all the way will happen again soon enough. Trust that we are enjoying the playful and youthful side of things. There is something carefree about it all!

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