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Have a lil cookie tonight.........

Hello Guys and Dolls I hope you are having a Merry Christmas Eve. I'm enjoying the holidays even the cold weather isn't putting me in a foul mood. This year my spirits are high!

This Christmas, I want you to be a giver; more so than usual. This year make sure your partner receives something only you can give him/her; a joy-filled orgasm! Yep, you got it, an orgasm. Let me help you with a merry plan!

Give the gift of orgasms!

You don't have to be well behaved to get a gift this year! Actually, I prefer you be naughty rather than nice. This year only the naughty get a gift and if you want your gift do the following:

  • Wait for everyone to go to bed tonight.

  • Set up a blanket, your favorite beverage, and cookies for Santa by the tree.

  • Wake your partner in the early morning for a little adventure.

  • Make sure all your partner is wearing is a robe; no other clothing needed.

  • Be young and in love; sneak around even if you are the only two in the house. Shhhhh each other and tip toe even!

  • Lead your partner quietly to the tree and have a quiet party for two.

  • Have an orgasm or two under the Christmas lights, on the sofa, under the tree, or wherever you like.

Whatever you decide to do tonight, make sure Santa isn't the only one getting cookies tonight! ;-)

Try it and let me know if you have fun; I live for the excitement!
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