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Hair or Bare......who decides?

Hey Guys and Dolls, I thought this would be a fun debate. For years women have been pressured to shave, wax, and groom for their partner but now man-scaping is a very hot topic. Who do you think should decide hair or bare?

You don't have to tell me but I'd love to know; hair or bare? I'll give my honest opinion and if you love it or hate; let me know why in the comments. A lot of you are messaging me and I am really enjoying the feedback as well as the suggestions; keep them coming! I'm going to just tell you I prefer just a little bit of hair on my partner. Not for any particular reason other than preference.

Let's vote......

Does the person most effected by the beauty treatment get to decide or the person that has to endure the lack of beauty regimen get to choose?

My vote is always do what your partner likes. Think about it for a sec. If your partner is giving you oral sex and prefers no hair or what I call the bald fade then just do it. The pleasure you will receive far out weighs whether you love the pubic haircut or lack thereof. Besides you aren't the one looking at it; they are!

Pros and cons.

I really don't have a pros and cons list because honestly I could very easily argue both sides of each list effortlessly. I could say no hair because it's less messy and definitely alleviates odor. I could also very easily say hair because of the very arousing friction that comes with having hair; whether oral or intercourse. I could say a fresh cut against a tongue is super sexy but I could also say the tickle of hair is equally as tantalizing against one's lips. See the pros and cons are person specific and can simply go on either list depending on the person. Partners have to chat it out and make their own decisions based on their personal likes and dislikes.

Ask for what you want

I want your pubic area to look like you understand my face will be down there, therefore it should be appealing to me!

We like what we like and we want our partners to be happy in the process too. Talk it out and then try it all. Exploring together is the best part of the relationship. Figuring things out as a couple. Remember no one cares what your ex likes either, because it's your ex! Focus on the current and try to compromise where possible and be okay with not always agreeing! Sometimes meeting in the middle isn't the middle; it's to the left or right a little bit.


  • What would you prefer?

  • How much do you care one way or the other?

  • Can you live with this compromise?

  • Negotiate; can we try it my way, then yours?

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