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Loving the skin you’re in; now that’s sexy!

Hey Guys and Dolls, I am feeling more and more sexy as the summer arrives. Something about the warm weather that just gets me going. How are you all doing as the temperature heats up? Comment or message me I would really like to know!

The older I get the more satisfied I am with the little things. I enjoy sunrises and sunsets. Gardening is also a favorite; something about planting something and watching it grow. Little things that say I love you mean the absolute most now; a long hug or a kiss. I don’t think my life has changed a whole lot, I believe as I get older I just pay closer attention and appreciate things a bit more. I’m more comfortable with myself and my body. I was never a shy or self-conscious girl, but I am definitely an even more fierce woman as I age. I’m not ashamed of my body and all the changes I’ve made over the years. I never cared about stretch marks or little imperfections. I reveled in those differences and still do. My body is mine and mine alone. I pick and choose how I share me with the world. I love the awe of attention, but I don’t need it. Most of the things I do at this age is all for me. I do it because I love it! From body piercings, tattoos, and body art I love the skin I’m in.

Every year around my birthday I do something audacious! I don’t discuss it or get approval from anyone. I just do the thing that makes me happy in the moment. One year I got my tongue pierced. Another year a tattoo; that year I dragged my mom along for the ride. One year it was a tragus piercing and I must admit it wasn’t well thought out! Lol! I heard it helped with migraines and thought it couldn’t hurt; well it did hurt! It also helped but it definitely hurt! Most years I get henna tattoos because I find them so beautiful. Each year the art is different but meaningful to me.

This year I did two things; I got a cool henna tattoo and pink hair. I love all the cool colors everyone is dawning and thought I would try it. Since I was off work a few days I figured I would be whomever I wanted for a night. Well I loved the pink so much it was a four day love affair! Once the compliments started to roll in the diva in me just would not sit her ass down. Oh and the crown didn't help! Yes, a whole crown! Go big or stay home was definitely the theme this year!

Pink hair and a just can't go wrong with this combination!

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