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Guess what I found?

Well Guys and Dolls you are going to love this one and I mean love it! I found this on accident probably fifteen years ago and it is still one of my favorites. It combines two things I love; sex and wrestling!

Naked Wrestling!

Yes, naked wrestling! The great thing is there is something for everyone; same sex, opposite sex, and tag team!

The Skinny

I am a watcher of porn like many of you and one day I went down a rabbit whole and ended up at naked wrestling. I can't even say for sure how I got there but I am so happy I did. I absolutely love wrestling and to find out that they have combined my love of wrestling with my love of sex was just mind blowing. So if you haven't seen this you have to delve in and see it for yourself. Just know that once you see it you cannot un-see it!

Now before you hit that search button let me give you the skinny! There are some that aren't really skilled and there are some that there is a real art or technique to their fighting. Some are competitive and some are just for show. You should be able to find whatever you like in this particular realm of porn. If you don't like the physical aspect of wrestling then steer clear of Ultimate Surrender because it can get a bit physical towards the end of the matches. The winner gets to punish the loser and these matches are brutal. That particular nude wrestling can be singles, teams, all ladies, or mixed. You get to pick what you want to see; lots of variety there.

I can honestly say I didn't go in thinking I'd be aroused by people wrestling naked but it has and is still one of my favorites. I think it has to do with my competitive nature; whatever it is I'm glad someone put this idea together. I hope you guys check it out and if you like it let me know! You can check a free porn site and just search until you find the combination that tickles your fancy!

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