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Fourplay without the "SEX"!

Hey Guys and Dolls, I am super curious as to how many of you are okay with a little fourplay without the whole shebang? Are you okay with playing and no intercourse?

Let's see how many givers and takers we can uncover today. I am okay with the occasional changing of the game just not an ongoing thing. I want to end with intercourse! That doesn't mean I can't end without it; let's call it a preference. I know for some the best part of sex isn't even the "sex" of it all.

Is fourplay the best part of sex?

Depending on who you ask sex is really an after thought. Some can stop at fourplay and be perfectly okay; I mean pleased as punch. Both men and women have openly discussed that it's definitely the lead up to sex that get's them going not intercourse itself. Now that isn't surprising to me that fourplay gets everyone all riled up; it's supposed to. It's the stopping there that baffles me. It's like stopping just before you win a race; why would anyone do that? I'm all for delayed gratification but there better be gratification! Stopping isn't delayed it's stopping. Where is the gratification in that? Help me out Guys and Dolls! If you have some insight hit me up so I can share with the group! I love to get y'alls opinions and suggestions.

One without the other......

If I have to pick one without the other; I'm going with intercourse. I can get myself all riled up. I don't need any help in that department. I feel like I'd be left wanting, frustrated, and a lil pissed off to be honest. I would not be happy until I climaxed as many times as I need to! Fourplay without intercourse is just a really good make out session. That's cool too but I must be a spoiled little brat cause I can't find the joy in that "alone"! Don't get me wrong I love love love fourplay! I climax again and again and again. There way too many "agains" to keep count of truly. But until I feel the joy of his penis deep inside my walls; I'm just not completely satisfied! I crave it! I need it! I must have it!

Guys and Dolls let me know where you are on the spectrum. Sometimes you all open my eyes to some very interesting new ideas. I could be looking at this all wrong or one sided. I like trying new things and I'm quite open to suggestions. Help me out here; I feel like I may be missing out on something fantastic!!!

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