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How many of my Guys and Dolls are out in these streets getting their flirt on? How many of you still remember how to flirt since Covid-19? Maybe you never stopped flirting; it’s just the virtual flirt now.

However you’re flirting, let’s find out the reason behind the flirt. I’ve personally decided I have a flirting addiction!

I can admit I really just love to flirt; my flirt knows no bounds. I flirt with everyone! I mean it; everyone. I don’t even care about your sexual orientation, level of attractiveness, specific body type, or any other category that you can think of. I just like the interaction of making others feel good about themselves in that moment. Sometimes my flirt is for them; sometimes it is for me. Either way it happens all the time; luckily, I am single and I am free to flirt whenever I choose.

Has flirting landing you in hot water? What about getting a number you really weren’t trying to get? Has flirting gotten you in or out of a jam? If you aren’t flirting you just really don’t know what you are missing. This is definitely a tool that you should sharpen and use whenever possible.

I'm flirting with my Guys and Dolls every week; I challenge you all to flirt back. A little flirting won't hurt amongst readers, right!

The nonverbal flirt

This is the flirt that is the least invasive. You can literally make a person blush without saying a single word. It's all in the eyes. A look, a smile, or a subtle movement that says "I like what I see!" The glance for just the right amount of time followed by a coy smile can say a mouthful without opening your mouth. Dolls we do this all the time when we subtly shift to arch our spine or cross our legs in a way that seems to draw more attention than usual. We do it because it feels good; the flirtatious behavior can be a huge turn on for both parties involved.

The body contact flirt

This is the flirt that gets us in trouble. The I just had to touch you and I couldn't stop myself.

This body contact doesn't have to be in an erogenous zone but it will give the same hitch in a person's breath if you do it right. The body brush is usually a Doll's favorite since we have the most curves to draw a person in. A slight shift in our hips to brush up against as we pass, gives them something to think about for hours or even longer. This close contact allows them to breath in your scent and we are close enough to give them a full view.

The slow drag of fingers across a back says so much more than the direct approach. If I glide my hand across your back or down the middle of your back you are instantly intrigued and curious about where this could lead. If I don't do anything else; it will leave you wondering and if you are interested it will leave you wanting more. Either way the interest is peaked and the flirting back and forth will begin if for no other reason but the curiosity of what could be.

Try it

  • It can be as simple as a smile.

  • A hug that lingers a little long.

  • A sensual brush up against a person as you pass by.

  • A coy or slick comment inserted into a conversation.

  • Fixing a person's hair out of place.

  • Adjusting someone's tie or leaning in to touch an earring.

See it isn't the act, it's the behavior while doing the act that matters!

Note: (Please don't try this at work; at work this may be seen as harassment!)

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