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Don't be a Tease........or do!

Hey Guys and Dolls we are going to discuss one of my favorite topics today. I know what you're thinking and you are looking at this all wrong. A Tease can be a good thing! Yes a good thing! It's only bad when the person doesn't follow through. That person is known as an asshole! Lol!

There are a few types of Tease

There is the Tease that doesn't know they're a Tease. Allow me to explain. This is the person that tells you all the fabulous things they are going to do to you once they get their hands on you. Unfortunately, the only thing this person is good at is the gift of gab. It's not their fault they don't know that they are a Tease. The reason they don't know is because no one has told them that they have fallen short of delivering the goods. All this time they just assume that they are the amazing talent they are selling you. So if by some chance you come across this particular Tease; do us all a favor and tell them in the most kindest manner possible that they are in fact NOT what they are selling. Someone needs to tell them!! That someone may be you.

Another kind of Tease is quite aware they will never deliver. This Tease has no intention of ever delivering anything other than flirtatious delights. For this Tease the joy is in being desired. They want to be wanted but don't really want to give up the goodies! If you know from the start that this is all it is; it can take all the fun out of it or help you play the game better. However, if you love a good chase then you can play with this Tease til no end. The idea that you can eventually wear them down becomes a good game of cat and mouse for you both.

If you Tease me, you better come through! Don't get me all hyped up with the "what you're going to do to me" then don't come do it. What the fuck? Who does that? If you do a lot of jaw yappin' knowing damn hell well you ain't about that; then just be quiet and stay in your lane. There is nothing worse than someone getting you all worked up just to be let down. If you are unsure then just zip it and come through and put in the work. That always works out well. Then you can talk all you want when I'm breathless and trying to pull my life back together. :-)

I want my guy to basically be driven sexually insane fucking with me!

I’m a bit of a Tease but I’m also guaranteed pussy! Yep, that's what I said. I want to talk sex all day or even for a few days. I want to send pictures and messages that would make any person want to jump up and show up unannounced. I want my partner so wound up that they cannot wait to see me; even if they've seen me a million times. I want to be the biggest Tease with my words, with my text, with my pictures, with my videos, and then with my touch. It's the prolonged gratification for me!

Hey Guys and Dolls I have really been enjoying all the positive interaction. I love that you are all asking questions, making requests, and commenting. Some are inquiring behind the scenes and that is great too. Just keep checking in and I will keep posting. Thanks for the love and support; I really appreciate it. I look forward to growing my audience and delving deeper as we interact more together.

If you are here then you are definitely in the right place. Stay a while!

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