About me
I'm a mother, daughter, sister, and friend trying to live my best life.

Whatever relationship I left out; you get the point I am a family member and a friend. I am also a person who is comfortable in my own skin which in some instances makes others uncomfortable. Sounds crazy, right? Some people want you to fit into their idea of what you should be, whether it has to do with your sexual preferences or your eating habits. The world has become a very opinionated place.


I am a single mother of one totally amazing teenage boy. I do not just enjoy being his mother; I absolutely love it. I, like many others, have my high and low days but overall, I am totally and utterly in love with being his mom. I am also a sister to two totally different women, in every way imaginable. I enjoy that they are so different; I get to have two awesome friends that cannot get rid of me. My mom is literally one of my best friends and we talk every day, literally every single day! My dad is a lot like me, we love each other and give one another room to spread our wings how ever necessary. I know if I need anything, he is just a call away.

This little bit of information about me does not begin to give you the whole picture. Dive
into The Jazzy Classy One (TJCO) if you dare………


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